Sales Call Notes

You will see the questions are numbered. I go through the questions in order, starting with 1, then at the end of the call I go back and confirm the client’s contact information. 

You will notice there are a number of policy “cheat sheets” included on the back. Feel free to copy our policies or modify them to fit your business. 

The excel speadsheet included in your download is for creating your “Price Per Day” cheat sheet.

2 thoughts on “Example Sales Call #1 – Cat and Guinea Pig Sales Call”

  1. What would you suggest for a pet sitting rate in NY state? The average for 30 min seems like $25. Low price in my area is $10 and high from what I can see is at $45? I’m just checking because I’m not sure when this course was created. Thanks

    1. Thanks for purchasing our course! These recordings are from 2019 and 2020. Everyone’s price will be a bit different, but I would shoot for average or a little above average in your area just for a ballpark. We have a helpful blog that covers everything about how to set your prices here: How Much to Charge for Pet Sitting

      Be sure to download the spreadsheet available on that page too. It is super helpful when setting your prices. Best of luck!

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