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When you enroll in the Certification you will also get:

  • 16 Editable Leave Behinds and Business FormsClick here for details
  • A complete Client Onboarding Course, with example sales recordings Click here for details
  • And so much more

    We teach new pet sitters how to do the actual job of pet sitting. This is the perfect training course for new pet sitters or for training new hiresClick here to see how our team training page works and how you can use it to train all of your new hires.

    In this course you will learn:

    • A proven method for conducting successful and efficient Meet & Greets
    • How to make sure medication is administered correctly – every time
    • 8 steps to completing a pet sitting visit like a pro
    • 8 critical principals of professional dog walking safety
    • How to work with and calm reactive dogs
    • How to screen for aggression issues at the Meet & Greet
    • How the animal mind works and how animals learn
    • How to stop a dog fight
    • Everything a pet sitter needs to know about keys and lockboxes
    • A full list of recommend equipment for pet sitting and dog walking
    • What should be in your first aid kit
    • And much more

    You will also get:

    • A proven set of emergency policies & procedures
    • Two example Meet & Greet checklists
    • An editable, forty point, visit checklist
    • An example medication chart

    We’ve seen the problems that can come up at visits. That’s why we want to share everything we’ve learned, so you don’t have to go though the learning curve most pet sitters struggle with.

    Enroll in our course today to grow your company with a complete set of proven processes and policies, robust enough to suit a pet sitting agency. You’ll be glad you did.

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