Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Training and Certification

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Understanding Aggression & Reactivity in Dogs

This lesson covers dog behavior and the difference between aggression and reactivity. You will learn about environmental triggers, coping threshold, and tips to keep you safe.

How to Assess Aggression Issues at the Meet & Greet

In this lesson you will learn how to set up the door to screen for aggression issues, Jekyll and Hyde behavior, and what to look for when screening for aggression. 

Hot Weather Safety

This lesson covers animal welfare and the signs of overheating in dogs, which breeds require more caution in hot weather, and how temperature can vary between different surfaces.

Bloat: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

This lesson teaches you how to identify and prevent bloat, and what to do if you notice the symptoms.


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This plan is best for:

  • Starting a dog walking business
  • Learning qualifications for dog walking
  • Gaining pet sitter qualifications 
  • Getting a dog walking job
  • A pet sitting side hustle
  • Hiring staff 

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