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• Keep pets safe
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Single Course


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Complete training and certification course for professional pet sitters and dog walkers

49 lessons

5-6 hours to complete

 Well produced animated video lessons

Learn proven processes that keep you and the pets in your care safe

The only course that teaches how to do the actual job of professional pet sitting

Teaches how to avoid the most common mistakes and insurance claims

Two downloadable example Meet & Greet Checklists

A proven set of emergency policies & procedures

An editable forty point Visit Checklist

Downloadable example Medication Chart

Certificate upon completion

Certified pet sitter and dog walker logos for your website

Team Training


per year

Train your entire team with a single subscription




Includes all Single Course features

Easily set expectations across your entire team 

Get new hires up to speed quickly and easily

The perfect companion to in-person shadow visits when onboarding staff

Teaches foundational knowledge ahead of time so shadow visits go much more smoothly

You get access to a custom team training page only your company can access

Keep track of each team member’s progress with detailed reporting

Easily invite staff members via email

Certify your entire staff

Hiring Course


For the first year. Then $147 per year after that for the team training page

Grow your company with a proven hiring process

Coming soon

Includes all Singe Course and Team Training features 

Complete workflow for hiring pet sitting staff

Example job description and application

Phone interview screening questions and forms

Proven in-person interview questions

Reference interview questions

Hiring scorecard

Onboarding process and forms

1 hour of personalized coaching included

30 day money back guarantee

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Certification for Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Lots of people offer pet sitting without really knowing how to care for a pet in the client’s home. There is a lot that can go wrong. So, we developed a certification course for professional dog walkers and pet sitters that teaches every detail of how to provide expert pet care in the client’s home.


The pet sitting section clarified a lot for me. It's helpful for beginners and experts alike.
Alex B.
Pet Sitter & Office Admin
This training really helped me be confident when talking with clients. Now I know exactly what to do.
Mak M.
Pet Sitter & Dog Walker
This course provided me the organizational steps necessary to make every visit run smoothly.
Kate F.
Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

Don't just wing it. Start off on the right paw.

Based on real world experience

Stop developing processes by trial and error

Created after completing over 14,000 pet sitting visits

Avoid common insurance claims

Easily set expectations across your entire team

Developed by real pet sitters and dog walkers

Avoid common insurance claims

Based on real world experience

Developed by real pet sitters and dog walkers

Created after completing over 14,000 pet sitting visits

Stop developing your processes by trial and error

Easily set expectations across your entire team

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